John Hughes Lives On...

I'm not affected by many celebrity deaths but when I am it's usually because they meant something to my childhood. Although not a celebrity, John Hughes' death came as a huge shock to me and everyone else who loves great teen movies. I'm not gonna ramble on about his films and how great they were as we already know, but along with a special tribute he's gonna get at the Oscars on Sunday, it's hit the blogs that some of his films are being remade.

A writer as much as he was a director, it's said that Hughes had a shit load of scripts in his house and Paramount has snapped up one to be made. Now, my first thought is that this like when 2Pac died, they're gonna use his name to offload some shit that he didn't warrant to be good enough when he was alive. But I'm not going to go with that; Hughes quit Hollywood because because he wanted to, not cos he lost his touch so maybe if it's done right this could be something worth seeing.

Whilst we're on the subject of Hughes, Vanity Fair has done this great piece about him which includes all kinds of tidbits. Enjoy.