Review: Green Zone

Like many others, I caught this weeks ago but due to the evil embargo, I wasn't allowed to say anything until Monday. Because of this, I'm having trouble remembering anthing about it to bother writing a coherent, interesting and eloquent review so instead, it is pros and cons time.


- The cinematography is fantastic. There are more than a few excellent swooping aerial shots that stuck in my mind long after I left the crappy Empire screen it was being shown in.
- MATT DAMON is good as always.
- Nothing wrong with a few shakey cam action sequences.
- THIS facial hair courtesy of Jason Isaacs.
- It keeps your attention throughout which for me, is always important.


- Amy Ryan's character is irrelevant for the most part.
- The politics slam you over the head.
- Damon's character is too unbelievebly clean cut, no soldier in that position would have such an easy ride.

Overall I liked it. I wanted to like it more than I actually did to be fair but there are worse things to pay to see these days so this is relatively strong. It annoys me that they have marketed this as Bourne 4. If you go in expecting to see that, prepare to be dissapointed.

Rating: 7/10