Review: How To Train Your Dragon 3D

Note: Although I don't think this is a proper poster, I like it better than the pants UK one, hence it's reason for being here. Moving on...

I went to a screening early this morning and like all screenings on a Sunday morning it was chock full'o screaming kids. I got there really late and sat at the front in the corner where there lil legs couldn't reach the back of my seat. Result.

I never look forward to seeing Dreamworks films as they're constantly the rubblish older sister of Pixar churning out films that aren't half as good. The first 20 minutes in I though I was headed for disaster until, it grabbed hold. HTTYD isn't hilarious or filled with the "magic" that other films have but it's sweet, charming and for once the 3D didn't make me wanna storm out. Goodness all round.

8 out of 10.