Review: Shutter Island

Note: I know this is the American poster ("THIS FALL") but I'm sick of seeing the UK one that has Leo's face emerging from the shadows. Moving on...

Like most people at the screening on Monday there was an air of worry as we'd stayed up all night to watch the Oscars. My eyes were burning and I was certain I wouldn't make it through the 2 hours plus running time. How wrong I was...


- The tone is established immediately and doesn't let up throughout the whole film.
- It's one of those films that makes you think you never know what's going on.
- THE MUSIC. I saw it in the Paramount screening rooms which has amazing surround sound and it helped create an experience.
- Leo. The man just keeps pulling it out. He's said in several interviews that this character took a toll on him and it's easy to see why.
- The Ruffalo.
- It's Martin Scorsese.
- Cinematography. Amazing, lingering, swooping shots. Love.


- Some may say it's too clever for it's own good but with so many shit films around that's a small price to pay.
- SIR Ben Kingsley is kinda annoying. Kinda.

9/10. It's very good.