Recent Film Releases In A Sentence (Or So)

I Love You Phillip Morris - March 16th

- Funny but unbalanced and not as progressive as it thinks. Jim Carrey is hot in Versace hot pants though. 7/10

Sons of Cuba - March 19th

- Fantastic and effective documentary about young, aspiring Cuban boxers. 9/10

The Blind Side - March 26th

- TV movie on the big screen, the race relations can be debated but Sandy carries this shit. Completely forgettable and not as emotive as it thinks. 6/10

In The Land of the Free - March 26th

- Great if flawed documentary examining the unbelievable story of the Angola 3. Google it. 8/10

Kick-Ass - March 31st

- Fun, amazing fight scenes and consistently piss your pants funny. Fuck the Daily Mail, see it. 10/10

How To Train Your Dragon 3D - March 31st

- Sweet, touching and the 3D is actually good. Really. 8/10

Clash of the Titans - April 2nd

Complete tosh but watchable none the less. 5/10