Review: Four Lions

This is a film that has had considerable buzz for quite some time. It's the directorial debut from Chris Morris, the man behind Brass Eye and The Day Today. His type of comedy is considered "controversial" so it's no surpirse that he's tackled terrorism with his own unique brand of comedy. I've been looking forward to this for an age and I found it only mildly disappointing.

It is very funny, creating humour out of something horrendous. Showing suicide bombers as family men, confused and angry it humanises them but never makes us empathise with them. Riz Ahmed is great as is Kayvan Novak (the Fonejacker to me and many others) as a dumbass suicide bomber. It isn't consistently funny as I would like but it deserves extra points simply for tackling the subject matter so successfully. And above all else, it will have me shouting "Fuck Mini Baby Bel!" for many years to come.