Review: Whip It!

I saw Whip It! in October of last year and to be honest, the only reason it stayed in my head is because I've been constantly surprised by the rave reviews it's earned. I loved the skating scenes, the names (Jabba The Slut is pretty awesome) and the general vibe EVEN THOUGH it is so lightweight and EVEN THOUGH the boyfr angle is so annoying. It was good.

It is not however worthy of 5 stars, no sir. It's one of those films that I can happily sit through but forget all about once I've left the cinema. Because of this, I think Little White Lies' patented rating system is in order.

Anticipation: Drew Barrymore + Ellen Page + rollar skating = Awesome. 4/5
Enjoyment: Hmm, not all great but fun nonetheless. 4/5
In Retrospect: Ellen Page needs to play another character. And fast. 2/5

P.S. I've had no permission from LWL to do that.
P.P.S. The words "whip it" should always and forever be associated with this. Now that's fucking 5 stars.