Review: The Losers

Don't stop, beliiieeeeving.....

As per usual, I can't remember a damn thing about this film considering I saw it well over a month ago. Here's some things I do remember:

1) Chris Evans is in it.
2) The story is very similar to the A-Team in that there is four dudes on the lam from ze law.
3) The opening freeze frame, comic book-like character introductions are very, very cool.
4) Some kids die at the beginning. A teddy bear is on fire...*tear*
5) It contains the most gratuitous shots of the female form since the infamous strip in Deep Blue Sea. Seriously, they blatantly zoom in on Zoe Saldana's arse and show her crawling away in her barely there knickers.
6) Chris Evans is in it.
7) Journey's Don't Stop Believing is so incredibly overused that the joke wears very thin. But nevertheless, the joke did make me giggle at first.
8) Jason Patric plays some crazy villain with pantomime lines. Once again, I laughed and enjoyed seeing him back on the screen.
9) A big ass bazooka is involved.
10) Chris Evans is in it. He does not remove his shirt. Booo! But once again is great as the comic relief. Yaaaay!


P.S. As good or enjoyable as this may be, we're all waiting for The A-Team. FALLING TANK!