Review: Robin Hood

Ridley: Hey Rus, I was thinking, Gladiator was such a good film that I think we should do it again.

Russell: Go on.

Ridley: Well y'know, it's pretty much the best thing we've ever done even though I think The Good Year was woefully underrated. Maybe we should re-visit it.

Russell: Go on.

Ridley: We should basically do the exact same thing but replace the sandals and swords with tights and arrows. How could it go wrong?

Russell: I'm in.

There are some films I approach with severe trepidation and Ridley Scott's Robin Hood was one of them. Not only because it had an embargo right up to the release date (never a good sign) but mainly because it just looked so meh. It's kind of hard for me to review this properly since I fell asleep for about 40 minutes (not the films fault, I was hungover from birthday celebrations) but it's one of those films that's neither here nor there and just OK.

Let's get this out the way first; there is more than a whiff of Gladiator goodness to it. The speeches, the action sequences, the haunting music with female vocals - it all stunk of Maximus. Not that that's a bad thing; say what you want about Ridley but he knows how to frame a shot and polish a sequence. Just that the narrative is such a mess you can hardly care or even comprehend what the hell is going on.

Cate is wasted and obvious (although she does wear a mean corset) and as much as I love Mark Strong, nothing about his performance was new except the use of the French language that makes me love him even more.

Robin Hood is no masterpiece but no dud either and judging by the varying scores other journalists are giving it, it's definately one of those "see for yourself" films.

Score: 3/5

P.S. Scott Grimes was annoying as hell. And I like him.