The Screening Experience: SATC2

So, a lot has been said about this ill-advised sequel to the equally disappointing Sex and the City: The Movie (2008). I'm not going to review the film here, but if you do want to read my ramblings (it is a fine review if I do say so myself) then you can head over to Little White Lies and read it here.

This post is a rant about the ridiculous experience of the official FdA magazine screening that I attended. I managed to nab a second ticket for one of my gal pals but before we get to the problems that occured on the night, let me express my annoyance about the screening in general.

1) Why was it scheduled a day before the release date so online writers had to either stay up til 1am or get up early as hell (i.e. Me) to write it?

2) Why was it scheduled on the same day as the actual premiere so half of Leicester Square was cordoned off?

3) Whatever happened to holding press screening at 6.30? Having to sit through a 150 minute film that begins at 9.00pm (on a school night no less) was not nice.

Despite all this, and the fact that it is my job, I stumbled into the swirling queue and had a chat with a fellow film writer. Then it got mad. The queue had wound round so much that the end became the middle and as soon as the doors opened the queue vanished and it became a full on rumble. Seriously, it brought back haunting memories of the scrum I endured at the H&M/Stella sale.

Never in my life have I been so ashamed to be a woman. The way some of these people behaved was a joke. We all had tickets, we were all going to get in, what exactly was the point of pushing and prodding? But then again, this is what happens when things aren't organised properly.

And that people, is what grinds my gears.

P.S. The picture is of the free treats we were given. A SATC2 crystal tattoo (which is going nowhere near my skin) and some handbag sized emery boards (which will definately come in handy). I love free shit at screenings, although it isn't as good as the t-shirt I got at the Youth In Revolt screening. That was fucking awesome.