This Week's Reviews

I've seen a few of this weeks releases but I seriously have no time to dedicate a post to each film due to looming deadlines and general journalism duties. Not to mention that it's my birthday this weekend and I want everything done by the end of tomorrow as I'll be hungover til Wednesday.

Here's my thoughts on this weeks releases in a nutshell:

A Nightmare on Elm Street

For some reason I was really looking forward to this. I'm too young to appreciate the original and the concept is so great I thought it could be translated to "modern times" quite easily. Alas, I was wrong. Michael Bay has essentially fucked this classic without lube and Wes Craven is probably weeping in a corner. Even the wonderful Jackie Earle Haley couldn't save it. For a horror that lasts 90 minutes, it was boring as hell and I found it harder to stay awake than the kids in the film.


Four Lions

Seriously, I could go on forever. This film is great and you need to see it. Now.


The Back-Up Plan

I'm quite surprised that this film has got the hammering that it has. Sure it ain't great but compared to some rom-coms is quite good. OK, I overreached.


Hot Tub Time Machine

Lots of jokes about dicks, cum and anal sex. Lots of references about Miami Vice, black MJ and leg warmers. Lots of nods to John Cusack's iconic 80s status. It's a mess but I did enjoy it. Also, Chevvy Chase is in it. Chevvy Chase.


BANG! Enjoy your weekend.