EIFF: And so it begins...

After waking up at 3.45am and an arduous but not terrible 5 hour train journey, I arrived in Edinburgh for my first time at the fest. Before I even had a chance to catch my bearings and get a feel of the city, I bungled myself (and my suitcase and 2 bags) into a taxi and headed straight to the Cineworld to watch The Illusionist, an animated film written by Jacques Tati and directed by Sylvain Chomet. I've already heard great things from several other media types down in London, so my expectations were high. Usually when things are talked up I'm always let down but thankfully not here. Any hand drawn animation immediately seems to delight people as it's become a rarity but once you look past that there is plenty to enjoy here. It has the kind of charm that certain big studios could only dream of (*cough* Dreamworks *cough*) and even though it barely features any speaking and the words that are uttered have no subtitles, it's easy to follow this whimsical and delightful film. 4/5

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the next film Huge, directed by Ben Miller. Although I recognise his face and name, I don't know much about Mr Miller. I was attracted to it mainly because it sees Noel Clarke playing a character different from his usual rudeboy parts whilst bearing a startling resemblence to whatisface from The IT Crowd. I wanted to like this, I really did; it's full of British comedy talent but it fails to work as a buddy movie or a comedy. I just wanted it to end. Sorry Ben. 2/5

Tomorrow - A Real Life, The Dry Land, Lucky, Girl with Black Balloons