EIFF: Day 3

Going to a film festival as a press member is great but it's also tricky. Trying to fit as much films in as possible along with junkets, emailing, writing and ahem, party attending, takes care and planning. So you can imagine how impatient people were getting when The Runaways failed to start about 15 minutes after it was due to. That may seem precious of us but that meant some poeple missed their next film. Annoyed.com.

ANYWAY, when The Runaways ended I had mixed feelings. I enjoyed it, it was fun but considering it's a film about women in rock n roll, it surprisingly lacked conviction and some mettle. I have no idea how bad this is but I've never heard of The Runaways before the film went into production. I know Joan Jett and know her well but the band? No. Turns out they had a similar ride as most other bands. You know, they start off as friends wanted to change the world, they get a crazy manager, one member becomes more famous, drugs get involved, blah, blah, blah. All of that is balanced out nicely with great performances from Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning and Michael Shannon, who is fast becoming my favourite person. I liked it but I wanted to love it. 3/5

After that I watched an uplifting buddy comedy about nuclear warheads called Countdown to Zero. I jest of course, this is an informative and midly terrifying documentary that spark a buzz in Cannes. It is as depressing as they said it was and only cements the opinion that the people who run the world are idiots. If anything kicks off, I can assure you, we're all fucked. 3/5

Coming Tomorrow - Toy Story 3, Barry Munday, The People Vs George Lucas and Winter's Bone.