EIFF: Toy Story 3

So, here we are. 15 years after the original and 11 years after the sequel, Toy Story 3 had everyone in Edinburgh's Cineworld positively buzzing. The lucky folk I know who'd already watched it assured me that it's a piece of cinematic perfection so I was expecting brilliance. Personally, I never really saw what everyone else did in Toy Story 2. Don't get me wrong, I loved it and thought it was great but it in no way measures up to the original and I don't care what you say. Nevertheless, Toy Story 3 is a joyous 108 minutes that many films won't be able to match.

It's interesting that both Dreamworks' and Pixar's biggest franchises are coming to an end in the same summer. Whilst a Dreamworks film can cause a few giggles and generally entertain, Pixar has consistently trumped them with story and heart. When I saw Up last spring, I thought I'd collapse in a puddle of my own lacrimation and at certain points, TS3 had a huge lump in my throat. Andy is all grown up and the toys aren't too happy that they're no longer being played with. They're surrounded by uncertainty and doubt as to where they'll end up. There are several adventures and escape scenes that have nice nods to Mission Impossible and the like whilst the comedy comes at all angles including the genius decision of making metrosexual Ken (voiced by Michael-fucking-Keaton) do a little fashion show to Le Freak. Fantastic.

To be honest, there's a lot of the same from TS2 but it's done so well and with a twist that you'll barely notice that we may have seen something similar before. Another tiny niggle is that we were teased with all the new characters joining the show for months and most are given nothing to do. Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear makes a good adversary and his minions all have their own characters but I'm sorry, we needed much, much more of Mr Prickle Pants. You'll know when you see.

The best thing about TS3 is that we all feel like Andy. No matter what age we've all grown up with these toys and the sight on him driving away to college and leaving his loyal buds behind is heartbreaking. It's sad to think that this is the end of Toy Story but as Pixar have seemingly sold their soul in order to be steeped in genius, there's plenty to look forward to. A must see. 5/5

P.S. Keep an eye out for the dustbin man...