EIFF: Day 4

I was so excited about Toy Story 3 that I forgot about all the other films I had planned to see. Whilst still floating on a Pixar cloud, I wandered into a screening for Barry Munday. I was originally interested because of the involvement of Chloe Sevigny and Patrick Wilson and the fact that the main character loses his testicles. That's a hook and a half. SIDE POINT: I've never understood why Patrick Wilson isn't more famous than he is. Everything I see this dude in, he is damn good. But maybe he's one of those actors who prefers to get work and not deal with the paps. Makes sense. Anyway, Barry Munday is a pitch black comedy with a surprisingly sweet centre (did I just write that?) in which all the actors pull it out. Still not convinced? Billy Dee Williams is in it and he drives a fucking DeLorean. Sold. 3/5

I've been hearing about the documentary The People vs George Lucas for an age. I missed the press screening but luckily wrangled my way into a public screening and that was a good thing as this is a film that needs to be seen with a packed house. I was expecting it to be funny and filled with insane Star Wars freaks blathering on about shit that isn't important but that's only half of it. This doc is surprisingly well balanced and manages to bring up an interesting argument as to whether art still belongs to the creator once it is released and embraced by the masses. I can't wait to watch it again. 4/5

At every festival I've attended there is always one film everyone goes mental over. At LFF 2008 it was Slumdog Millionaire (even though the effect seems to have worn off) and at LFF 2009 it was A Prophet. In Edinburgh that distinction was gifted to Winter's Bone. On Saturday I was tired as fuck and wanted to crawl back to my hotel and die, so tired in fact that I missed a party with an open bar. I was assured by everyone in town and everyone on Twitter that I must see it and they were right. Winter's Bone is a gripping thriller featuring an undoubtedly star making performance from young American Jennifer Lawrence. Set in a remote part of Missouri, it has a rustic and depressing look that succeeds in amping up the tension. I've never seen a supposed 'country noir' before but if this is it, sign me up. 5/5

Coming Tomorrow - Hotel Atlantico, Skeletons, My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done