EIFF: Day 5

I'm going to be honest; I've fully enjoyed beautiful Edinburgh and everything that the festival had to offer, by the time I woke up on Sunday I wanted to come home. It was hot, my hayfever had awoken from the fiery pit of hell, I hadn't slept properly for about a week and my steady diet of Sainsbury's pasta dishes and Oreos didn't have me bursting with energy. I had to deal because my train didn't depart until 6pm so it would be foolish of me to not take advantage, so I did.

First up was Hotel Atlantico, a Brazilian film adapted from João Gilberto Noll's novel, it follows the adventures of a drifter after quitting his job as a TV soap actor. It was slow and I fell asleep.

Next was Skeletons, a comedy being hailed as Python-esque (a sure fire way to get me interested) that features two men who clean the metaphorical skeletons out of closets. I fell asleep but I did notice that Jason Isaacs is sporting another wonderful bit of facial hair.

Finally, after grabbing my luggage and somehow making my small bowl of Rice Krispies last well past 2pm, I went to the videotheque to watch the Werner Herzog/David Lynch collaboration My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done. Now, I've never used a videotheque before and I don't think I ever will again. A darkened room with filled with cubicles, tiny screens and uncomfortable chairs where you can hear every foot step of the staff. I hated it. However, I did not hate the film despite the awful conditions in which I was watching it. It's loosely based on Mark Yavorsky, a man who killed his mum with a antique saber and the film has a non-linear storyline that bounces through time to explain what the hell is going on. It's creepy and weird with an effectively overbearing score but the real epicentre comes courtesy of Michael Shannon. He is amazing and I will start stalking him once this weather cools down. 4/5

That's it! See you next year Edinburgh.