I Still Love Tom Cruise

In case you didn't know, everybody hates Tom Cruise. His next film, Knight and Day, is being hammered by the Yanks and some are saying that the above poster was marketed because they think Tom's face will turn off potential cinema-goers. OH DEAR. I'll admit that Knight and Day looks about as fun as having a gynecological exam conducted by Edward Scissorhands, but this can't be the end of Tom Cruise can it? Can it?!

It all started so well...

Look at him. Look how young and pretty and full of promise he was. It didn't take him long to slide his way into our hearts with this iconic scene from a Generation X classic...

His next film cemented that star status. It was a film steeped in masculinity in which men flew big jets, played volleyball in the sand whilst wearing tight short shorts and happily let dudes be their wingman. This is the epitome of a manly man.

That may have made him a star but he made his way into my heart with Cocktail. I fucking love this film. I watched it repeatedly on Betamax and my mother is certain that this is the reason for my reckless binge drinking. Whatevs.

Despite it being a Oscar-worthy classic (SHUT UP), Cocktail bombed but something else came along that proved Tom was more than a pretty, young lad but a strong, lead actor who could hold his own with a screen legend. I'll never understand how TC didn't nab an Oscar for Rain Man. I know Dustin Hoffman got the golden dude because he went full retard but DAMN, TC was great in this.

Cocktail may have worn out my Dad's Betamax player but A Few Good Men dun did mash up the VHS. I still have that tape and I watch it all the time. I watched this as a kid and thought that this was the ultimate movie star.

I was taken to see 1996's Mission:Impossible as a giddy 11 year old and I still love this film. Let's forget the crappy sequels people, this film still includes one of the most awesome movie sequences *insert Kanye West voice* OF ALL TIME.

In the very same year he completed us all. Seriously, if I ever meet a person who doesn't like Jerry Maguire I will smite them down with my evil side eye. Shit, even Renee Zellweger didn't make me want to eat my own feet.

Be honest, who wanted one of those clear screen, glove censor thingys? When Steve Jobs comes up with this shit I'll queue on Regent Street for 10 days.

Being a baddie people like is hard. Alan Rickman can do it in his sleep but most others fail. I know some people didn't but I liked TC in Collateral. That may have something to do with the fact that I've always had a soft spot for a silver haired gentleman, but still, I thought he smashed it.

And then...this happened.

Was this really that bad? Who hasn't wandered through Ikea and wanted to jump on their sofas and declare your love for Hob Nobs? I dream of doing that. Srsly though, I'm hoping that Tom's acting ability (say what you want but he can act) will drag him out of this slumber but if he thinks a Les Grossman spin off and the aforementioned Kinght & Day is the way to do it, he's wrong.