A Word On

Noel Clarke is a talented man. I appreciate those who make something out of nothing by hook or crook, it's admirable but this post is not a review of, it's a quick statement.

After Sex and the City 2 I am sick to death of male created characters that are supposed to be empowering for women. is utter foolishness but I did enjoy the first half before it tailed off completely. After listening to Mr Clarke on the Wittertainment blather on about how girls will go to see this film and feel like it was made for them.

It wasn't. Please tell me what an overlong gratuitous, lesbian sex scene has to do with female empowerment or the film's narrative? How is it empowering to wear a skirt the size of a plaster and knickers that read "Eat Me"? It's so typical for men to make women dress and behave like whores and then tag it as modern feminism when all it is is another reason to get hordes of young men in the cinema. There's nothing wrong with that, just don't pretty it up to be something it isn't because that's bullshit.

The End