10 Things I Love About You

If you have been following this blog or my Twitter page for a while then you've probably noticed that there are several people/things that I'm rather obsessed with. Lately however, all of my attention has been placed squarely on the good looking shoulders of Mr Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Whilst many may have known the face before Inception, only lovers of good indie films and good actors really knew anything about him. It's dangerous to be on the receiving end of my affections but since I don't believe in doing anything by halves, I'd like to present you with 10 reasons why JGL is so awesome.

1) Child star done good

We've all become rather accustomed to hearing about talented youngsters a) not living up to their early success or b) wasting their talents by becoming a useless douchbag but JGL doesn't fit into these categories. After doing a few teen films he decided that he didn't want to be that kind of actor and took the high road to NYC, studied and eventually got back into acting when he was good and ready.

2) Third Rock From The Sun

After several adverts, a few fleeting appearances in family films and a drama I've never seen, JGL landed a role in one of the best and most underrated sitcoms of the 90s. Not only was he clearly a great actor at 15 to be playing an adult in a child's body and holding his own next to the formidable John Lithgow, he also had a rather magnificent head of hair. Come on, that is some thick, shiny hair.

3) 10 Things I Hate About You

This film may not be the first to take a classic literary text and modern it up for the kidz but 10 Things I Hate About You remains a firm favourite for anyone with taste. Yes, he was slightly overshadowed by both Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger but JGL is impossible to ignore in this one even if he is in that awkward man-boy stage of puberty.

4) This photoshoot

When this bondage-light GQ shoot hit the interwebs the reaction was unanimous. "Is that the kid from 3rd Rock From The Sun?! Holy shit" Yeah, out of said awkward stage and tying up Claudia Schiffer in some admittedly gorgeous fashion pics. As if I needed anymore reason to hate supermodels.

5) This photo

I have no idea where this came from or what publication printed it but any young lad who has the guts wear a vintage jumper that makes him look like a disgruntled 1970s era lesbian who couldn't get tickets to Woodstock deserves my and your attention.

6) Brick

It's simple - if you haven't seen/don't like this film then you can just exit stage left because I don't want to be associated with you. Fresh off the critical success of Mysterious Skin (I haven't seen it but I will watch it soon) came Brick, a modern neo-noir detective story set in a high school. Everything about this film is perfection and JGL carries it so effectively that it was and remains the moment when people sat up and took notice. Some people thought the style was a gimmick to distract the audience from its weaknesses and wrote the film off but rest assured, they are idiots.

7) This interview

As his profile continued to rise so did the press attention but even with that over saturation, JGL's interviews are never dull. This diary style piece by the NY Times is my favourite. Because he isn't explicitly selling a film, he's given free reign to talk about whatever takes his fancy whether it be French women or the different types of sound he can get out of a chair.

8) This hair

No. Explanation. Needed.

9) (500) Days Of Summer

As a rule, I hate rom-coms because they are usually so damn insulting that I want to chew off my own foot just to give me something to do but this is not a rom-com, at least not in the purest sense. I understand most people hated the knowingly indie sensibilities of it, (they love The Smiths, she dresses like a 1950s housewife - VINTAGE!) but I still adore this film for actually being funny and actually romantic. A win all round.

10) Inception

Annoyingly, JGL didn't have much of a character in this apart from wearing 3pc suits (and looking hot) and having some playful banter with Tom Hardy (also hot) but that corridor scene continues to remind me why I love cinema and more specifically, why I love directors who don't rely heavily on CGI.

JGL's next film is Hesher and believe I'll be first in the queue wearing my 3rd Rock t-shirt, listening to the (500) Days Of Summer soundtrack whilst spinning my Inception spinny thing. As I said, my affection is a dangerous thing to have.