Review: The A -Team

The A-Team represents everything that we've come to expect from a summer blockbuster - loud, stupid, messy and with a few charismatic performances. I'm not too sure what the fans of the original TV show expect considering that the show was equally stupid but managed to worm its way into the hearts of a (male) generation. I've caught a few episodes on a quiet Saturday afternoon on Bravo and although they are fun I usually lose interest after the epic opening credits with THAT theme tune.

So, how does the new team measure up? Liam Neeson is clearly enjoying himself whilst chomping cigars and saying the same catchphrase over and over again. Rampage Jackson jumps in head first but doesn't have the same charisma as Mr T (duh), his 'pity' and 'fool' tattoos are lame and his "inner conflict" is the worst part of the entire film. I don't want to give anything away but his desire to kill is reflected by his mohican. Seriously.

That means that the fun parts are carried by Sharlto Copley and Bradley Cooper which makes sense because Murdoch and Face were always the best part of the show. I laughed more than I'd like to admit when Murdoch swung round on a helicopter propeller singing Dead Or Alive and stitched a letter (or something, I can't remember) into B.A's arm. Cooper as Face was also a highlight mainly for two things:


As good as those two are it doesn't really make up for the rest of it. As predicted Jessica Biel shouldn't have even bothered showing up to play the token female who used to date one of the leads and although I always enjoy seeing Patrick Wilson on screen, his baddie was about as menacing as a ladybird fluttering around your head. The plot's a mess and it's so loud most of it is incomprehensible but it's worth it to see them shooting at bastards in a falling tank. That's a good thing.