Review: The Kung Fu Kid

Over a year ago I wrote a rather empassioned blog for Little White Lies regarding all the classics being remade and that same summer I wrote another piece about 80s remakes for The London Paper. Like most who don't appreciate lazy Hollywood hacks defecating all over our childhood, the influx of 80s remakes didn't and doesn't make me particularly happy. Even if Footloose and The Karate Kid aren't exactly classics or even very good films, our childhood favourites leave a mark that cannot be erased.

With that in mind, I wasn't particularly looking forward to seeing The Karate Kid. I was so apprehensive that I even considered slipping out of the Sony screening room before it started because there was no way I could enjoy it. Well, here it is - I did enjoy it. I enjoyed it more than I wanted to and for several moments I forgot Pat Morita and Ralph Macchio even existed.

Yes, the kids are too young to be dealing with hormones and dancing to Lady Gaga in a slightly provocative manner, "jacket on, jacket off" is a poor excuse for "wax on, wax off" and they didn't even attempt to slip in ONE use of the word 'dojo', but apart from that, it was quite fun. I can't hate a film that has a training montage on The Great Wall Of China. I just can't.

However, I will slag it off for the rather obscene 2 hours and 20 minutes running time. That is the same as Inception. I haven't edited a film since college but I'm sure I could've shaved 45 minutes off of it pretty easily. And the less I say about the Mortal Kombat style scoreboard the better. Seriously, what the hell?