Review: Predators

Aww, why did I have to break out before the prom?

I get sent quite a few screening invites but rarely attend them all. Most of the time I can't be arsed and some of the time I have no interest in whatever I was invited to. When Predators popped into my inbox my reaction was firmly in the latter category and I was going to ignore it before everyone on Twitter insisted that I go. So, despite the stupid 9pm screening time (Why Fox? Why?) and the fact that I've never seen the original Predator starring The Governator, I'm quite happy to report that I enjoyed it and won't have to kill every one of my followers who told me to go.

There's a distinct lack of quotable dialogue and one too many nods to other films which I found slightly annoying. In one particular scene Laurence Fishburne hums the Ride of the Valkyries. They used that in Apocolypse Now. He was in Apocolypse Now. HAHAHAHAHA.

But amongst the annoying bits there was a lot of fun to be had. Explosions, swearing and sexy, gruff action man style voices (Adrien Brody sounds like a cross between Alec Baldwin and Christian Bale's Batman) filter the moments when we actually see the dreadlocked predator. Most surprising of all was how beautiful it looked. The cinematography was beyond stunning and featured some truly breathtaking shots to counterbalance all of the idiocy bounces about. In one scene where the token Asian takes on one of the beasts in a field with a big ass sword, the arial shots and use of wind gave it far more depth than it deserved. All in all, an enjoyable romp as a tabloid critic might say.

Verdict: 3/5 but was oh-so-close to a 4.

P.S. Any mention of Adrien Brody is a good excuse to post this.