Spoiler Alert

The DVD release of Remember Me is so important that a poll was conducted to reveal the biggest shocks/cop outs/twists in the history of cinema. Here are the results with my usual, brainless wittering for extra analysis.

1. The Sixth Sense - Haven't seen it but I know what happens so why bother?

2. Psycho - That dude was crazy.

3. The Usual Suspects - Kevin Spacey is good at faking a limp.

4. The Empire Strikes Back - Question: Who is Luke's mum and what does she think of all of this malarkey?

5. Saw
- I hate these films.

6. Fight Club - Ed Norton went out with Salma Hayek for seven years. Weird right? Granted it's not as weird as RDJ dating SJP for seven years but still weird nonetheless.

7. The Wicker Man - Christopher Lee is tall. Like crazy tall.

8. The Others - Nicole Kidman should always play someone dead. So pale and stuff.

9. Seven - Kevin Spacey actually has a point in this film. All obese people should be killed.

10. Planet Of The Apes
- This film would've been so much better if Charlton Heston opened a can of whoop ass on those bitches with an AK47. So much better.