That's Not A Film, This Is A Film

You can probably tell by the awful excuse for a pun above that this is a little post about Australian cinema. Last night I attended a screening of a Animal Kingdom, a crime drama that revolves around a criminal family from Melbourne. Apparently it was loosely based on the 1988 Walsh Street police shootings where two young officers were murdered whilst responding to the report of an abandoned car. The film was excellent, so good in fact that it forces critics to use those cliched terms that are always rolled out when a cracker comes along.

Animal Kingdom is the second of two brilliant Australian films I've seen this year and has made me think about the movie business down under. Everyone is going apeshit over Inception and hailing it as the kind of brilliance that comes out of Hollywood once a decade. Well the Aussies have put out two brilliant dramas this year (there may be more) and the biggest shame is most people will never see them.

Beautiful Kate comes out next Friday and stars some recognisable Aussie names (Rachel Griffiths - Six Feet Under, Muriel's Wedding and Bryan Brown - COCKTAIL). I caught it a few months back and thought it was an amazing drama, so much more affecting and gripping than your usual Hollywood crap that just seeths with sexual angst and intense family issues. These examples prove that they can do drama but our cousins are pretty damn good at comedy too as I don't associate with anyone who doesn't like The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Strictly Ballroom and to a certain extent, Muriel's Wedding. By the looks of things they have a really good system over there that gives them freedom to make these kinds of films along with terrible TV dramas and if they continue to put out quality like this, long may it continue.