I hate to judge a film before I see it but sometimes it's very hard not to jump to the conclusion that it is complete crap. Case in point, Just Wright. Whilst up in Edinburgh I was constantly annoyed by the above poster in the otherwise lovely Cineworld where all the press screenings were taking place. There are several things that worry me about Just Wright, for your reading pleasure...

No. 1 - Taking a rubbish, worn out, rom com premise and turning the characters black does not equal a new one.

No. 2 - Why do black characters always have to be involved in basketball? Yes, black people are good at sports but that doesn't mean that every black man in a film needs to live on the court and it certainly doesn't mean that we're going to believe that a rapper in his 40s can pass for an athlete in his prime.

No. 3 - "In his game, every shot counts." Oh God.

No. 4 - The fact that this is the only film we can get with lead black actors. The days of Boyz in the Hood and Love and Basketball (a good film depite the stereotypes) are long gone.

No. 5 - It's a shame that Queen Latifah can't build on her great performance in Chicago. A damn shame.

I notice that a few of my qualms are about this being the only crap that black actors (or rappers) can get but it's this kind of film that makes me want to run into Spike Lee's arms. Good thing none of use will ever see this and if you willingly pay money to do just that, please leave.