A few weeks back I was invited to the first magazine screening of a film called Black Dynamite. Having never heard of it and been permanently scarred by spoofs such as Dance Flick, I ignored it and chose to stay at home and watch TV instead. As usual, opinions started filtering through declaring that it was all sorts of awesome, so when I finally caught it yesterday lunchtime in a screening with the who's who of newspaper critics stuffing their faces with chicken wraps.

Second only to westerns, blaxploitation is a genre I haven't fully embraced. No idea why, I mean you'd think that having a black mother who grew up in the 70s teamed with my irrational, near-lesbian love of Pam Grier (SCHWING!) would mean I'm ker-azy bout those movies but I'm not. Luckily, you don't need to be Quentin Tarantino to enjoy this genuinely hilarious spoof.

Airplane! remains the standard for movie spoofs but thanks to its gag-a-minute style, most of the spoofs that have followed are lazy and subsitute great writing for laughs that never quite land. It's clear that the makers of Black Dynamite not only know blaxploitation but they love it too and aren't afraid to go a few minutes without a joke. It makes me sad that The Last Airbender will probably make more money than this because it's years old and has had no marketing behind it. But please don't let it put you off, Black Dynamite is awesome.

Since we're on the subject of amazingly cool black people from the 70s, take a look at this incredible Soul Train video. OUTTASIGHT!