Don't Believe The Hype

You're correct, I totally named a post about Scott Pilgrim and hyped up films after a Public Enemy classic; it's just how I roll. This year I've really begun to think about the dangers of hype. Trailers, blogs, released footage, first images and excessive press tours all have the power to get everyone amped up for a big release but what happens when it doesn't meet your expectations? Are the films reviews and ratings a true reflection of the film or just the film in relation to how excited you were about it?

As much as I ignore all the hyped up bullshit that comes from blogs and events like Comic-Con, I do have the capacity to get very excited about film releases. I begged for Iron Man 2 screening tickets before a lovely friend stepped in so when it turned out to be quite shit, I was severely upset. Two years ago I went to an IMAX screening of The Dark Knight at 5am because I couldn't get a ticket for any other show. I knew there was going to be a press screening later on but as an avid Bat-fan I wanted to see it as soon as possible even if it meant sitting in a sold out screening with hundreds of other geeks eating hot dogs at 5am.

I loved TDK but after several viewings it isn't as good as I previously thought. Maybe because the hype and excitement has worn off I can openly see all the faults with it. Because of this, I've made the decision to start going in expecting them to be average and all the films I loved this year are the ones I'd never really heard of before the screening invite popped into my inbox.

The disappointing box office taking of Scotty P is stone cold proof that internet hype doesn't mean it's going to be a huge success. Word of mouth and a lukewarm reaction is more powerful than 5 star reviews from the world's biggest movie mag and unless certain companies (*cough* Marvel *cough*) start to realise that a bunch of loaded bullshit teasers does not equal a good or successful film, we've got a lot of let downs ahead of us. Just sayin'.