First Watch: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Amongst other things, rifling through my parents' VHS collection is largely responsible for my love of films. As much as we all enjoy going to the cinema on opening night and watching something new we've been looking forward to for weeks, months and sometimes even years, I've always thought the greatest thing about films is stumbling across an old, unknown or cult film by accident late on TV and falling in love with it. Because of this, my V+ system is positively rammed with films I've recorded and fully intend to watch eventually. Occasionally I get through a few every so often and last week I watched Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? for shamefully, the first time.

At first it failed to grab my attention from my laptop (I work from home, duh) but as the story slowly began to progress I found myself forgetting that my faithful lappy even existed. Due to the subject matter I expected to see some more fireworks but was pleasantly surprised to see some very touching, understated and measured performances from all involved. It moved very slowly but gripped me and I found the pivotal scene between Sidney Poitier and his father particularly outstanding. His words were delivered with such emotion and honest integrity (it is Sidney, afterall) that I thought he not only spoke for his character but for an entire generation of African-Americans.

Safe to say, I thought it was absolutely brilliant and you should watch it right now. Yes YOU!

Hmm, that was a very serious post wasn't it? Let's lighten the mood with the idiocy you've come to expect from me.

Dolph Lundgren in a pair of pink short shorts. Ahh, that's better.