I Am In Lesbians With This Soundtrack

Thanks to my astounding cheapness and The Incredible Suit's heart warming kindness, I got my hands on his copy of the Scotty P soundtrack on Wednesday. I did manage to crack the case within an hour of having it but let's ignore the fact that immediately trashed someone else's property and talk about the wonderous music that encompasses all 57.1 minutes of this CD. The last time I was so excited about a soundtrack release was Death Proof in 2007 (also starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead - coincidence?). Say what you like about the film but Death Proof OST blew my ears off and is a constant source of joy that comes streaming out of my headphones when I need a pick me up on a bus ride home.

Despite some moaning that the film was a letdown, I'd like to confirm that the Scotty P OST (THAT RHYMES!) is 19 tracks of awesomeness. Much of that greatness if due to Beck and some other artists/bands who are clearly so cool that I've never heard of them. We shouldn't forget that Edgar Wright and Bryan Lee O'Malley had a massive amount of input into the film's sound and all I can do is bow at their greatness. I would like to give you a track by track review but since it has 19 songs and I'm already rambling like a lunatic (*hears jaws dropping*), here are my favourite 5.

Track 1: 'We Are Sex Bob-Omb' - Sex Bob-Omb

When I saw Scott Pilgrim for the first time it had me tapping my feet and chewing my popcorn in sync with the beat of this raucous and lyric-light opener. The thing I like most about this is that you can hear Beck and his band getting in the spirit of things with lots of ad-libbed 'yeahs' so it feels like I've gatecrashed Beck's jamming party. I can dream.

Track 4: 'By Your Side' - Beachwood Sparks

You know that niggling feeling you get when you hear a song and can't figure out where you know it from? I got that with this. Turns out it's a cover of a Sade song that I know well because it was used in an episode of Sex and the City. It's quite hard to match Sade on the soulful front but Beachwood Sparks - a "psychedelic country band" according to Wikipedia - do a mighty fine job of almost bettering the original. This makes me want to put on some short shorts, tie a flannel shirt around my waist, put my hair in pigtails and frolick through a field. That's a good thing.

Track 9: 'Teenage Dream' - T-Rex

FINALLY! A song and band I'm extremely aware of. I have a thing for 70s glam and Marc Bolan is my absolute favourite so it gives me great joy to share this delightful video of him swirling his cape and shaking his glitter for some very confused looking teenagers. Oh yeah, the song is great too.

Track 16: 'Ramona' (Acoustic version) - Beck

At UCC on Wednesday Edgar Wright let us all know that this is the actual demo Beck sent him when he first starting writing stuff for the film. I like that you can hear the mistakes. I like that you can clearly tell he's making it up as he goes along. And most of all, I like the fact that you could blatantly change the lyrics from 'Ramona' to 'Limara'.

Track 19: 'Threshold' (8 Bit) - Brian LeBarton

There are other songs on this album that I love a lot more than this but I included it because above all of the other tracks, it perfectly encapsulates the Scotty P world. Everything about the film is steeped in computer games and I love that they actually bothered to ask someone to take one of Sex Bob-Omb's songs and make it sound like it belongs in a Nintendo NES 2 console circa 1995 (look it up).

Again, this is but a taster as there are wonderful contributions from The Black Lips, The Rolling Stones and The Bluetones amongst others. Special thanks to The Incredible Suit for lending me the CD and not slapping me for the cracking the case. I hope.

P.S. Apologies to Mike Leader for not including "the words 'Plumtree' and 'Metric' with copious e's, capital letters and mega exclamation marks." I'm so sorry, so very, very sorry.