It's Monday! Let's Watch Some Shit Trailers

I'm beginning to fall out of love with trailers because a) there are too many, b) mini teaser versions accompany all of them and c) they always seem to reveal the best bits of the film although you don't realise that until you pay and actually watch it.

Above is the trailer for Thor which was revealed at this year's Comic-Con. Apparently Marvel are removing it from the internets so enjoy it whilst you can before they threaten to sue my ass. So far, Thor looks like a modern version of Masters of the Universe, even Natalie Portman looks like a carbon copy of Courtney Cox. But as far as the trailer goes, am I the only person who noticed that this is the longest fucking trailer in the history of the world?

Here's the trailer for Yogi Bear. I have many things to say about it but I won't because I feel like being nice today but can someone explain to me why Justin Timberlake is giving up a very good music career to do this shit? Less acting, more singing.