A Salt With A Deadly Weapon (Sorry)

Here's what we know; Salt was originally written for Tom "I'm the guy" Cruise before he decided to bugger off and do Knight & Day (FAIL) and according to all of the marketing surrounding AJ's return to the big screen after having more children, we haven't the foggiest idea who Salt is.

If you want to be lazy you can say this is some sort of Bourne/No Way Out hybrid in which a spy is on the run and we, the audience, are never allowed to know whether she's the baddy or the goody. The most part it works as she doesn't exactly behave like an innocent woman but that quickly wears off and it gets kind of lame. At the screening I attended there was huge laughter at some particularly awful and stupid dialogue but if this film has taught me one thing, it's that knickers can be used for all sorts of things.

It has good action sequences and quite an awesome slow walk (as some of you know, I love a good slow walk) but I never really cared who she was and the more it went on the more bored I became. I will say this though, as much as I don't particularly like Angelina Jolie, she is the only woman in Hollywood who can successfully star in this kind of film and run the show amongst a bunch of dudes. We should really applaud any actress who doesn't release shit rom-com after shit rom-com. There are enough of those around thankyouverymuch.