UCC4 In Pictures: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Question: How do you enjoy a film you've already seen twice in the past 12 days?
Answer: Why you see it at Ultra Culture Cinema of course!

In less than 2 weeks I've seen Scotty P (as I call it) twice, attended the Cornish/Wright chat at the BFI, went to the press conference and sat through yet another Edgar Wright Q & A at the LWLies event at the Curzon. Despite that I was still super excited to attend another awesome Ultra Culture Cinema event. Instead of rattling through all the stuff that happened, I took a fuckload of pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks to a bit of traffic I literally got there a few minutes before it all kicked off and the seats were filling up fast.

I was sat next to Mr and Mrs Incredible Suit and behind this guy's head.

As always, there was plenty of free shit on offer...

but you had to work for it. 6 lovely souls whose names I can't remember all agreed to act out the epic trailer.

It was all very funny but the highlight was the jump-through-the-window sequence.

Here's Ramona and Scott's first kiss on the bus complete with Charlie holding some hearts above them.

There was much more but my pictures are too blurry so I'll leave the rest to your imagination. The real action kicked off afterwards when we were "surprised" with a special guest. Hmm, whoever could it be?

*Edgar's on the left btw...

He drank some Coke Zero, answered some questions, slammed Wolverine for being expensive but very shit (CUE HUGE CHEER) and dashed off to finish editing the DVD. The man works hard.

Could it get any better? Why yes it could. We then headed straight to the bar to drink ourselves stupid and take a look at the vast and varied Scotty P based menu.

Oh yeah, there was also Rock Band 3 on offer and apparently this is a big deal because it hasn't been played in Europe before. Like ever. ZOMG!

All in all it was a great night that ended with me chatting to Mr Charlie Lyons (not Lyne) at the bar. Judging by the reaction I've heard from a few ladies this is a big deal and I'm glad to report that he's just as lovely and funny as he is in this video.

I honestly have no idea how Charlie Lyne (not Lyons) is going to top this epic of epic epicness. Until next time.

EDIT: Here's the video footage of the trailer reenactment I watched during the first showing.

And here's the second, inferior one. Enjoy