A Word On I'm Still Here

Like most red-blooded women with working eyes, I was very sad to not only hear that Joaquin Phoenix was quiting acting but he suddenly felt like hiding his previous hotness with a manky beard and head of hair. I never believed the act when it seemed like he was slowly descending into madness and to be honest, I didn't really care. But now the trailer has gone live and I've read articles like this one from The Los Angeles Times, I must say I'm intrigued.

I like the fact that apparently no one knows if this is an elaborate hoax or not. Maybe Phoenix and director Casey Affleck were bored and felt like playing a trick on the world? Who knows but JP must be pretty damn dedicated to have himself filmed during oral sex and with someone taking a dump on his head. I hope to catch it and make a final decision myself but the fact that I've gone from not caring to being interested means that those bastards have succeeded.