54th BFI London Film Festival: My Top 5

As you've probably heard, the line up for the 54th Times BFI London Film Festival was announced yesterday and I was among the hourdes of journalists complaining about the lack of croissants on offer. The full list is over here and as we're going to be bombarded with the best picks of the fest from now until it kicks off, I'm not going to tell you which ones you should see. Instead, here are 5 films that I am personally looking forward to but you should bear in mind that there are LOADS I will be seeing.

1) Black Swan

Yeah, I know. Everyone is going on about this and although I was relatively late to the Aronofsky Fan Club parade, I'm gagging to see some Natalie Portman and Vincent Cassell action.

2) Blue Valentine

This was quite the industry darling at Cannes and Sundance so it's inevitable that this will get many into a tizz. But amongst all the hype, just remember that it stars Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling (swoooon). Sold.

3) It's A Funny Kind Of Story

Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck have given us Half Nelson and Sugar, so hopes for this are high. Let's also not forget that it stars one of the dudes from The still-totally-freaking-amazing Hangover.

4) Lemmy

Because I never get bored of old rock stars talking about all the women they've shagged.

5) Submarine

Before the show reel I had no idea of this films existence but the fact that it was written and directed by Richard Ayoade and stars the ALWAYS AMAZING Paddy Considine, colour me fucking excited.