All Hail The King

This is a short, congratulatory post about one man's slightly insane mission to watch all 500 of Empire's Greatest Films Of All Time in one year. His name is Dallas King and he is the general manager of The Belmont Picturehouse in Aberdeen whom I had the pleasure of meeting when we guested on a Picturehouse Podcast together.

I'm not going to rehash Dallas' task as he wrote a guest blog over at Empire Online so you can mosy on over and have a look there. I just wanted to bring more attention to him achieving his amazing goal and in the vain hope that he won't commit suicide now he has nothing to do. Seriously, a name like Dalla King is too damn good to waste. Bravo Dallas, you're a fucking mentalist.

Read his thoughts on all 500 films here - http://championshipcelluloid.blogspot.com/