Family Guy At The Movies

If you know anything about me you may be aware that I'm slightly obsessed with the wonderfully sick animated creation that is Family Guy. Yes, it may not be as laugh-out-loud funny as it was in the early days and may rely a little too heavily on cutaway gags and popular culture references but I still love it. I'm talking every DVD box set, posters, teddys, mouse mats and any other piece of crap that people insist on giving me.

One of my favourite parts of the show is their spot on film gags and references that are so frequently brilliant that it took way to long for me to choose my favourite five. I could literally do this post every week and have enough material to last well into 2011. Anyway, most of my favourites couldn't be found on YouTube so here's a few that may tickle your fancy.

5) Cast Away

4) Ghostbusters (various)

3) Full Metal Jacket


2) Star Wars

Note: The first Star Wars show, Blue Harvest, has a much funnier scroll but I couldn't find the video.

1) Harold and Maude

I've never even seen Harold and Maude and I still find this endlessly hilarious. Original here.