Forgotten Gem: Car Wash

Hello everyone and welcome to a new and hopefully regular feature entitled 'Forgotten Gem'. Basically, this will consist of me rabbiting on about a film no-one seems to know and telling you why you should seek it out as if your little life depended on it. First up is Car Wash; a classic "black" film from 1976 written by a young Joel Shumacher and featuring a stupidly amazing soundtrack courtesy of disco masters Rose Royce.

Check out this amazing trailer.

Car Wash is one of those day-in-the-life films that follows a group of rag tag dudes day at work. In case you didn't know, they all work at a car wash. The genius of this film is that all of the random characters mesh well together and are given equal screen time along with their own story that is kept spinning even when another storyline has taken centre stage. Much like many 70s films a radio station, the DJ and the songs provide the narration and not one word or song is out of place. Specific characters have theme tunes and the outcome of their day is reflected in whatever choon is playing.

Still not convinced? Bill Duke is in it. George Carlin is in it. Richard Pryor is in it. Everyone has amazing afros. Antonio Fargas plays a drag queen. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!