Forgotten Gem: Roxanne (1987)

Man, would you look at that poster. 1987 was so long ago that you can't even find the original poster without some folding creases in it. Moving on...

It seems like a while since Steve Martin has received any kind of praise for his comic ability. Like many comedians who ruled the 80s and 90s, he drifted off into into the painfully mundane that led to one of the most famous Dennis Pennis put downs ever. It seems unfair to keep the weight of the terrible Pink Panther films hanging over his head as anyone with half a braincell knows that he is a supremely talented man and Roxanne is in my opinion, one of his very best performances.

Roxanne is a modern retelling of the classic French play Cyrano de Bergerac with Martin in the title role starring opposite Daryl Hannah. For those unfamiliar with the play (uncultured swines), it's essentially about a man who is lovely on all accounts but lets his rather large hooter stop him from confessing his love for the woman of his dreams.

Roxanne is one of those films that reminds us exactly how utterly shit rom coms have become. This is a perfect example of being laugh out loud funny whilst having some lovely, whimsical romance between an on screen couple that you actually want to see get together. As well as Martin, most of the laughs come from Rick Rossovich who plays Chris, the very handsome but utterly stupid fireman that Roxanne is infatuated with. That name might not ring a bell but he was in The Terminator and Top Gun. Does this jog your memory?

Oh yeah, that's what stops Roxanne from being a 5 star film, no homoerotic volleyball scene. A shame.