Forgotten Gem: Soapdish (1991)

Soapdish is a somewhat forgotten comedy that tells the backstory of one of those ludicrous but extremely popular American soap operas. It mainly revolves around Celeste Talbert (Sally Field), the aging star of the show and the punching bag of all the scheming, conniving co-stars and production people. Here's the trailer but try not to let the awful fucking calypso music in the background put you off, it was the 90s afterall.

It's very difficult to be able to handle a large ensemble cast and let them shine without ignoring their contemporary. There are a lot of big names in this and although I have no idea what went down on set, there is no "star" of the film per se because everyone is so great. One of my favourite husky-voiced starlets, Cathy Moriarty, plays the bitchiest of bitches who is so desperate to get a bigger part and Celeste kicked off the show, that she sleeps with producer David (RDJ) to do it. Yeah, what a hard task.

It also features the great Kevin Kline, Whoopi Goldberg at her wonderous early 90s peak, Carrie Fisher, Elizabeth Shue and a young Teri Hatcher who plays a hot, slutty nurse with faaaaaaaabulous hair.

The greatness of this film lies in the biting script that perfectly encapsulates the ego-fuelled and horribly competitive world of acting/television/celebrity. Soapdish is pretty damn hard to find these days but if you can, do give it a whirl. And if you think it's shit just be nice and keep it to yourself. Thanks.