Going The Distance

Every so often you find yourself sitting through a Hollywood film that desperately wants to be different but cops out at certain moments for fear of losing the highly lucrative "mainstream market". Going The Distance is one of those films. In the grand scheme of things this is a good rom-com and considering most of the films in that genre makes you want to cut your heart out with a spoon that is high praise indeed.

Drew Barrymore knows how to do these films in her sleep and she has nice chemistry with her on-off real life boyfriend The Mac Dude. But amongst all the scenes of them getting drunk, having awkward phone sex and talking graphically about oral sex (I overheard one newspaper critic call it "disgusting". Megalolz.) there are the usual band of dopey friends, overbearing sister (a very good Christina Applegate) and token fake tan gone wrong scene.

I hope this doesn't come across has a negative review because any romcom that features a woman who doesn't give a shit about getting married is tops in my book but I wished they would've gone for the full monty. The characters can be into alternative, indie rock as much as they want but the title, style and overall tone sends it straight back into cliche territory. Still, it doesn't have Katherine Heigl, Kate Hudson or Matthew McConaughey in it so it's as close to perfection as we can hope for.