NOT AT ALL EXCLUSIVE: Captain America On Set Photos

Captain America: The First Avenger is currently being filmed in lovely, sunny Manchester and I think we can all agree that these photos tell us a lot. However, they also create a lot of questions. Allow me...

1) Blonde highlights. Hmm.
2) Nice Old Navy capris dude! Or are they from Gap? Honestly no-one cares.
3) Exactly how wide are Chris Evans shoulders?
4) Are those weird rubber, footy things the new line from the evildoers who created Crocs?
5) Seriously man, that's a, that's a nice shape you've got there.
6) Did an imaginary person punch him in the face in that final shot?
7) This film is going to be rubbish isn't it?
8) How long do you think it'll take Marvel to start bombarding us with more crap?
9) Captain America is a bit lame. D'you know what'll make it better? A few shirtless scenes.