The Other Guys

Hey, who wants to see a Hollywood comedy that's actually funny? I DO! Yes people, after a summer rather bereft of any decent comedies (Is Judd Apatow's absence a reason?) we have The Other Guys.

As the trailer shows Mark Wahlberg and human Marmite Will Ferrell play rubbish NYC cops completely overshadowed by all action superstar cops played by Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson. Something happens to them (SPOILER ALERT: Hilarious) and they are forced to step up and sort out some dodgy business that involves Steve Coogan.

Yeah, the story gets pretty messy at the end and due to Ferrell not co-writing, it's quite patchy and entire scenes can fall flat. However, the funny bits are very funny and the entire film actually suffers from the fact that the first 10 minutes is so hilarious. At the press screening there were huge laughs for the hints of print vs online snobbery and Mark Wahlberg is the perfect frustrated linchpin for Ferrell's dopey everyman. I just wished they restricted Eva Mendes to only the first, excellent scene when we're introduced to her, everything after that is balls.

All in all, a very funny film that manages to glaze over it's downpoints. Still not sure how I feel about Will Ferrell though.