Prepare Yourself For 2011's Leap Year

Release Date: Early 2011

Starring: Kate Hudson and Gael Garcia Bernal

Synopsis: "The film follows a guarded woman who discovers she has cancer, but when she meets her soulmate, the threat of falling in love is scarier than death."

Final Thought: Whoopi Goldberg plays God. 

Fuck me, where do I start with this? We should all be used to Hollywood's unstoppable aim to drag this once fine genre straight into the gutter but this has gone too far. Maybe it's the fact that it stars Kate "DEAR GOD WILL YOU STOP IT?!" Hudson? Maybe it's just too damn depressing to see a fine actor like Gael waste his time with this trash? Or maybe it's the fact that Hollywood has managed to lower itself so far as to trivialise the pain felt by cancer sufferers and their families? I've lost several family members to cancer and I can tell you that falling in love is not as scary as that. I must say I like that Whoopi as God but didn't they already do this with Morgan Freeman in Bruce Almighty? Ergh. Rest assured that anyone who pays to see this film will be hunted down and killed. You deserve it.