This Week's Review Round-Up

It's occurred to me the other day that I haven't done many reviews recently. As this is a film blog and I watch films everyday that seems rather stupid so even if I do get distracted by crap posters and horrible rumours, I shall endeavour to give you my thoughts on the latest releases.

22 Bullets (L'Immortel)

Thoroughly decent French thriller starring Jean Reno. A little bit Bourne and very French, it's good without having anything to shout home about. Also, feel free to pick up the Dazed & Confused September issue for my interview with the man himself.

Cherry Tree Lane

I saw this a few months ago at EIFF and my view hasn't really changed. I don't like that it panders to a very middle-class fear of hoody wearing ethnics ransacking your house but all in all, I still think it's an interesting and truly uncomfortable viewing experience.

 Side Note: I have those DMs!

The Last Exorcism

I hate horror films. Like really, really hate them. Unless we're talking about the knowingly stupid ones that are a bit fun, I despise them. There is no genre I hate more than 'torture porn' and I wish it would just go away. The only reason I went to a screening of this is because the PR pursued me so relentlessly (why I don't know) that I thought I'd throw her a bone and go and see the bloody thing. Surprisingly, I liked it. Yes, the mock-doc thing has been done to death but I was genuinely on the edge of my seat and thought newbie director Daniel Stamm did a good job. Doesn't mean I like Eli Roth mind.

Jonah Hex

Well, what can I say about this. Like most people I only knew of this films existence because gossip blogs wouldn't stop posting pictures of Megan Fox in a corset. As impressive as that is it really doesn't make up for the rest of the film. It sunk without a trace in America and I can see why; it doesn't really make sense, no-one bothers to explain what the hell is going on to people unfamiliar with the comic and they assume that we'll tremble at his might just because every person says "Jonah Hex" when Jonah Hex enters a room. It's barely 80 minutes long but even that felt like an age.