When Bad Rumours Happen To Good Films

Over the past week two vicious rumours have been circling the net regarding Justin Bieber. I know, I know, internet talk is just that but it's amazing how much your blood can boil at the mere thought of a classic film of your youth being rehashed for the sole purpose of stealing money from 14 year old girls.

The first was that A Back To The Future remake was being made with Bieber in Michael J Fox's lead role. I immediately took to my Twitter page to warn everyone that I may go on a killing spree should this happen. Happily, the rumour has been rebutted and we can all rest easy now.

But then my Bank Holiday Monday was ruined with the news that Biebs wants to star as Danny in a remake of Grease. Once I stopped hyperventilating I did notice that this is just a young lad saying he's like to be the leader of The T-Birds and to be fair, who wouldn't want that? But what worries me is that there are so many Hollywood hacks who would hear this and ACTUALLY decide to do it. If that's not cold hard proof that the terrorists have won, I don't know what is.

I'm going to leave you with all the other gems Biebs came out with regarding his dream Grease movie. The stupid bastard.

On the remake: "It would be a lot of fun. It's been talked about a lot over the years but it would be awesome to play Danny."

On who would play Sandy: "I would go for Miley Cyrus without hesitation. She can sing, dance and act."

On other dream co-stars: "I'd want some great people to star in it. Wouldn't Susan Boyle make an amazing Principal McGee? We'd just need to write it into the script that she broke into song. I am obsessed with Susan. When I look at her original audition it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I would love to include Cheryl Cole as well. She would look great in the Rydell High cheerleading uniform."

Someone alert the authorities because this child is clearly on drugs.