World's Greatest Dad

If Robin Williams starred in a film 15 years ago called World's Greatest Dad, it probably wouldn't begin with him walking in on his son during an asphyxi-wank (as Alan Carr calls it). From that moment it's pretty clear that this is not a friendly, family film but a dark and twisted comedy that hits most of the marks.

Lance Clayton (Williams) is a single parent and failed novelist who uses a death to forward his own career. There's a lot in here that reminded me of Heathers and a huge mention should go to Daryl Sabara (you may remember him from Spy Kids) who probably gives the most accurate portrayal of a horrible, cunty teenager in the history of cinema. He is vile and watching him step over his dad makes you want to jump into the screen and give him a backhand.

The comedy in here is blacker than black but if you can handle that along with the sight of Robin Williams' tackle, you should definately check it out. Strong 4 stars.