Forgotten Gem: The Hard Way (1991)

I don't know about you but I've never understood why James Woods has never become a Robert De Niro like movie star who bathes in the adulation of film critics and scratches his arse with the top of an Oscar statue. I don't get it, he's fantastic. Admittedly he hasn't been in the most consistently great films but he's always one of those people who's good no matter what piece of crap he happens to be starring in.

The Hard Way is one of the many films that my Dad had on video which my brother and I would watch even though we were clearly too young to be watching it. Here's the trailer which is so unbelievably dated it makes me weep. Were the 90s that long ago?

The Hard Way is essentially a buddy cop comedy with a twist directed by John Badham, the GOD who brought me Saturday Night Fever, (future forgotten gem) WarGames and Short Circuit. What a filmography. James Woods gets angry a lot and Michael J. Fox is quite annoying while Stephen Lang makes a great loony with some dodgy white hair and LL Cool J runs around in a Kangol hat. And yes, that was Christina Ricci.

How sweet. There's plenty of humour about movie stars being taken out of their confort zone (the ghetto scene is a stand out) and hard nosed cops whose life revolves around catching the bad guy while swearing live on television and honestly, who doesn't love that? I love James Woods. I love James Woods so much he makes me want to become a sheep and get an iPhone. If you knew me that would be much more exciting.