So, Film 2010...

In case you've been living under a rock or have chosen to ignore it's mere existence, the new and revamped Film 2010 made it's debut on Wednesday night after The Apprentice when most of us were full of chocolate and Cuban rum. Unsurprisingly, some have used it as an excuse to hurl stupid insults without even looking at it and coming to an honest and unwavering conclusion. I wonder exactly how many people who wish that Wossy never left actually watched Film 2009? I have watched the show consistently since the days of Barry Norman (the mother's influence...) but was still hoping that it wasn't the disaster we were all anticipating. Here are some things I have to say about it...


I have a love/hate relationship with most happy TV presenters and Claudia Winkleman has a tendency to try my patience even though I think she's genuinely good at her job. My main worry was that her inclusion would turn the show into some sort of schleb-fest and that didn't happen. She bounced off her new co-presenter quite well and only said a few embarrassing things but it was live so let's go easy on her.

Leigh've it out

Adding a "proper" critic into the mix was a good idea as it watered down Winkles over-excitement but then he had to ruin it by being a pretentious twat about one of the "family" members...

The "man-boy" blogger

The BBC have roped in a team to give the show some variety and one of them is the mind behind Ultra Culture. It's hard for me to be impartial as I know him but I will say that the reaction to Charlie's youth is beyond ridiculous. I think it says a lot about the attitude to writers in film criticism that anyone who isn't middle aged doesn't have an opinion worth listening to. Oooh, he left 2001 out of the moon bit, let's lynch him before he hits puberty and kills us all with his mundane chatter. I could go on but just imagine me saying 'cunt' a lot and you get the gist.

The Videblogisode Man

I really like Chris Hewitt. He writes great reviews and once upon a time, the Empire Video Blogs were quite funny. Why they decided to have him play the token geek boy complete with an unfunny intro is beyond me. However, well done for dealing with the clearly drunk cast of Never Let Me Go which was as excruciating as you can possibly imagine.

The proper critic

She doesn't like Pixar. I'm all for having your own opinion but I can't abide by that.


The new Film 2010 has some glitches but is still thoroughly watchable and will no doubt get better over time. So stop trying to be so mean, yeah?