Who Wants To Play A Game Of Good Poster/Bad Poster?

The Good

Man would you look at that. What a beautiful and instant classic poster that you can see a million students putting on their dorm room wall for many years to come. This is a good poster because it evokes the style of the film using font, colouring and design and I especially love the single gunshot with a trail of blood running down. It's not particularly clever but works completely and will no doubt be a great precursor to a hopefully great film. The Coens + Damon + Bridges + Brolin = An epic of epic epicness.

The Bad

When I first saw this I thought it was a fan poster because the quality is so poor and the design is so simple but nope, this is the actual poster. Unlike True Grit where the large cast names completely fit into the genre and style of the film, here it looks lazy with a font created by a work experience boy who probably can't use the photocopier without slicing a digit off. It's just crap and the faux-stone title and large, completely out of place '3D' just makes matters worse. Awful.