First Watch: REC (2007)

Since I dislike the horror genre and begrudgingly give the neighbourhood kids sweets when all they've done is bang down my door, I wasn't particularly excited about the possibility of sitting through three horror films at London's best cinema. But since I can't say no to anything free or the promise of alcohol I headed down the road to Brixton to see the second of the triple bill, Spanish flick REC.

A group of friends and I somehow thought it was wise to sit in the front row and hope the wine would stop us from becoming a jumpy, frightened mess but alas, that did not work. All I knew about REC was that it uses the tried and tested 'found footage' style, and in the first 10 minutes it seems like nothing new or exciting (found footage, virus, etc etc) but once the tension cranks up I was hooked. Except for some dodgy grammar in the subtitles (wan't) and following a few horror conventions (the lead female inevitably ends up in a sweaty low cut vest) it gets top marks from me.

However, I don't like that this image will stay in my brain until the end of time.